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Academic Networks

Off-campus study and field research

Throughout the PhD programme, candidates may undertake individual research trips for field study or other forms of research that need to be conducted in a specific remote location.

University research stays

To build your academic network and benefit from additional scholarly support, you can also organise a research stay at a university abroad. Freie Universität Berlin has a large network of partner institutions, some of which offer direct exchange programmes for students and doctoral candidates. More information can be found here. Freie Universität also offers support in planning your stay abroad. In this regard, please contact the International Office of Freie Universität.

Additional study

Through the cooperation and international networks of the BTS member institutions, various forms of further training – in some cases with extra funding – are possible. For instance, this may include participation in a summer school such as the European Consortium for Political Research Summer School.

Interinstitutional research

PhD candidates are given the opportunity to cooperate with associated research centers and work on interinstitutional projects.

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