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Career Development

At the BTS, training is offered in various areas of professional development including research management, knowledge transfer and education, publication strategies, and long-term career planning. Ultimately, we endeavour to support candidates in successfully finishing their PhD theses within three years while simultaneously preparing them for the next steps of their careers.

Our BTS Mentoring Programme is intended to facilitate careers outside academia for those PhD students who do not wish to follow an academic career path. It matches current students and alumni according to the PhD student’s interests and career plans to help students build the basis for a career in a field outside university. We want our PhD students to learn from our alumni’s experiences in preparing the next step in their career.

PhD101 is a miniseries of several sessions organised by our student representatives where our PhD students meet more advanced BTS fellows or alumni in an informal setting to discuss relevant topics regarding research and career management. The Chatham House Rule ensures the confidential atmosphere and promotes informal exchange.

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