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Timon Forster

Cohort 2018

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse


Freie Universität Berlin

Fachbereich Politik- und Sozialwissenschaften


PhD Candidate

Ihnestr. 26
14195 Berlin

Topic of PhD Thesis

The Politics of Norms: A Study of International Organizations

Curriculum Vitae

Since 09/2018

Free University Berlin, Berlin Graduate School for Global and Transregional Studies, Ph.D. Candidate

10/2016 - 07/2017

University of Cambridge, M.Phil. Sociology

09/2015 - 06/2016

University of Cambridge, Graduate Diploma Economics

04/2011 - 03/2015

Kalaidos University of Appl. Sciences, B.Sc. Business Administration


Scientific Activities and Internships

04/2017 - 09/2018

Blavatnik School of Government at University of Oxford. Project 'Capitalism in Society', Research Assistant

07/2016 - 08/2016

Department of Sociology at University of Cambridge. Project 'IMF Lending & Socio-Economic Development: The Evolution & Consequences of Structural Adjustment, 1985-2014', Research Assistant


Stipends and Awards

09/2018 - 08/2021

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), graduate studies scholarship


Further Research Interests

Transnational Norms

International Organizations

Natural Language Processing

Quantitative Methods

Forster, T., Kentikelenis, A.E., Reinsberg, B., Stubbs, T.H. and King, L.P., 2019. How structural adjustment programs affect inequality: A disaggregated analysis of IMF conditionality, 1980–2014. Social Science Research, 80, pp.83-113. Available from: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ssresearch.2019.01.001.

Forster, T., Kentikelenis, A.E., & Bambra, C., 2018. Health inequalities in Europe: Setting the stage for progressive policy action. Dublin: Foundation for European Progressive Studies / Think-tank for Action on Social Change. Available from: https://refubium.fu-berlin.de/handle/fub188/23222.

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