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Oheneba Boateng, Ph.D.

Cohort 2014

Supervisors: Prof. Thomas Risse and Prof. Michael Barnett

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Freie Universität Berlin

Dahlem Research School

Postdoctoral Fellow

As an academic interested in policy, Oheneba Boateng's work focuses on helping African actors and their partners to build sustainable and fruitful relationships in areas of critical concern, including security governance, conflict resolution, migration policy and humanitarian action. In his work, he aims to bridge the gap between academia and policy because he believes that solutions to today’s problems will be more durable if scholars and policy actors understand and value each other’s worldview and contributions. Therefore, as a public intellectual, he is working to combine his scholarly research with policy work through consultancy and social engagement. With his international study and work experience from Ghana, Germany and Canada, as well as his extensive research and policy experience across Africa, he is well-equipped to engage academics and policymakers in his areas of expertise.

Title of PhD thesis

Localising Humanitarian Governance: The Organisation of African Unity/African Union since 1963

Professional fields of expertise

Humanitarian Action

Security Orders

Comparative Regionalism

African Affairs

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