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BTS supervision teams should be made up of three supervisors for every PhD candidate. The third supervisor is not an absolute requirement, but provides a great opportunity for you to benefit from additional advice and input.

Applicants should familiarize themselves with the research interests of the BTS faculty and should indicate the supervisor(s) of their choice. Yet, we kindly ask you not to contact faculty members prior to your application or to send your research proposal to a faculty member for comments. The BTS has very strict regulations which do not allow for detailed comments on research proposals by faculty members. Faculty members will not review your proposal. Hence, please refrain from sending us or faculty members any documents for review!

The selection committee will recommend a team of supervisors for your research project based on your suggestions, your research focus, and availability of faculty members. After admission, the decision will be discussed with you.

Selected candidates can freely choose their second supervisors. The second supervisor does not have to be a member of the BTS core faculty like the first supervisor, nor does he/she have to come from one of the BTS’ three member institutions. The idea behind this is to find a person that fits your particular research focus and, ideally, complements the first supervisor through different qualifications and merits.

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