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Reference Letter


Who is eligible to write a reference letter?

We strongly recommend that your reference letters be written by faculty members at your home university who are able to comment on your academic performance in detail. If you are no longer affiliated with a university and do not have continued contact with any faculty members, you may also ask someone in a senior position at your workplace to write a reference letter for you.


In what language should reference letters be written?

Reference letters should be written in English or German.


How should reference letters be delivered?

There are different ways to have your reference letters delivered to the BTS. You can either upload the letters directly into your online application form or have your referee send the letter either

i) in a sealed envelope by post to the BTS, or

ii) via email to application@transnationalstudies.eu


What should reference letters include?

A reference letter should contain a short description of your academic performance and discuss your qualifications and interest in the PhD programme at the BTS – research interests, background, etc. A professor’s report on your master’s thesis cannot serve as a reference letter.

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