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Degree Requirements

Anyone who has completed a master’s degree in social sciences (usually comprising a total of 300 European Credit Transfer System [ECTS] credits including the bachelor’s degree) is eligible to apply. The term “social sciences” refers to political science, sociology, and history as well as to economics and law. The programme is open to applicants of all nationalities and shows no preference to EU citizens.

Your final grade point average should be at least 2.4 (German grade system), “Good”. In ECTS terms this corresponds to a “B” average, starting at 79%. As grading systems vary from country to country, grade point average is only one factor among many upon which selection is based.

If you haven’t completed your master’s degree at the time of application, you may still apply, but you must provide official documentation (e.g. academic transcript and official diploma) of your successful completion of a master’s degree before enrolling in the PhD programme.

If your official diploma is not ready at the time your application, you are required to send some proof of your academic performance (e.g. a current transcript) instead. Then, please send us a letter from your university as soon as you have completed your master’s degree, confirming the completion of your studies. This letter will allow you to provisionally enrol at BTS while awaiting your official degree diploma.

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