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Support Infrastructure

Dahlem Research School

The Dahlem Research School (DRS) is the strategic center for junior researchers within the framework of the institutional development strategy of Freie Universität Berlin. It serves as an umbrella organisation for a large number of graduate schools at Freie Universität and develops new concepts aimed to improve the quality of graduate education. Its stated goal is to support academic and non-academic careers alike. To this end, it offers scholarships as well as a comprehensive qualification program for PhD students and postdocs.

The DRS promotes the development of innovative doctoral programmes and supports existing initiatives – such as the BTS. It formulates and implements consistent quality standards and structures on a university-wide basis. The DRS offers training for young researchers in fields considered essential for further professional development, either in academia or in the non-academic labour market. Furthermore, the DRS provides additional funding for a variety of specific purposes.

The DRS Training Programme aims to help young researchers realise their potential by supporting their personal, professional, and career development in the research environment. By collaborating with other professional education institutions at Freie Universität Berlin, the programme provides a wide range of courses covering five major areas: academic, management, career, IT, and language skills. The courses are evaluated continuously, and the training programme is further developed on this basis.


Otto Suhr Institute of Political Science

The Otto Suhr Institute of Political Science (OSI) at Freie Universität Berlin is one of the largest and most renowned institutes of political science in Germany. For the BTS, it constitutes the main body of the enrolment and registration processes of the PhD candidates. Its Postgraduate Admissions Office is responsible for the BTS PhD regulations and offers service hours to answer questions.

The OSI is a large institution in research and academic studies and has an international reputation. Research areas include: Political Theory, Comparative Politics, International Politics, Regional Studies, and Political Education. The department provides several courses and hosts research clusters in the fields of political and social sciences. Furthermore, it possesses a comprehensive library and a documentation center. Not least, the Otto Suhr Instiute serves as a unique platform for high-level exchange and innovation.

Center for International Cooperation

The Center for International Cooperation (CIC) aims to strengthen and expand the international research and academic network of Freie Universität Berlin. It supports the vision of the International Network University by raising the global visibility and attractiveness of the university through its liaison offices. The CIC therefore facilitates international research cooperation at an institutional level and between individual members. Moreover, it supports the recruitment of excellent research students and faculty.

With the help of the CIC, the BTS is able to increase its mobility, introduce top international researchers, establish new research cooperations, and increase its visibility through international marketing, events, and international liaison offices.

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